Get More Speed from Your WordPress Site

Choose a Better Host

Do your homework. Check online reputations of any host that you are considering. You want a good price, but up time, speed and support are critical.

My host delivers 99.9% up time. (Trust me. You do not need your site going down, or worse, your client’s site.)
Search for shared hosting speed reviews if you self host your WordPress sites.
Managed WordPress hosting costs considerably more, but if you are not technically inclined or don’t want to bother with updates, backups and other maintenance, go the managed route. (I’m a die hard. I still manage all of my own sites and my client’s sites under the “name / shameless plug”: I do my own stunts too…)
Look for a host that will give you 24/7, 365 support. Email and live chat are must haves, but sometimes, you need a real person in a crisis.

Use a Caching Plugin

If your site uses static images, CSS, etc., you should use a caching plugin to increase your site speed.

WP Super Cache is an easy plugin to set up.
WP Total Cache has more features and a higher learning curve.
Both are free.

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